TBF Author on ‘Church of Mabus’ Radio Show

Join The Bigfoot Filmography author David Coleman this Saturday night, April 28, 2012, from 11 pm ’til 2 am Eastern on the popular Fortean radio show The Church of Mabus. Host Jeffery Pritchett and Coleman will discuss all topics re: Bigfoot in films and t.v., including of course the latest cinema offerings as well as the classics of Cine du Sasquatch such as The Legend of Boggy Creek and others.

You can listen live by clicking the below link anytime on Saturday night before or during the show’s 11 pm to 2 am time span:

Click HERE to Listen LIVE to ‘The Church of Mabus’

Or, if you miss the show, you can check out the podcast downloadable version usually within a few days max from the Paranormal Radio Network website:

Click HERE to Download the Podcast of ‘The Church of Mabus’ Post-Show Date

If you’re into Sasquatch, Sasquatch movies or related cryptid phenomena, be sure to listen for some in-depth discussion about the growing popularity of Bigfoot in all forms of media.