Rue Morgue Reviews ‘The Bigfoot Filmography’

The prestigious horror genre magazine Rue Morgue and writer Lyle Blackburn reviewed my book The Bigfoot Filmography in their Dark Shadows-themed issue #122.

“The squatchploitation genre often exists in a shadowy realm of low-budget cinematography and undocumented evidence,” writes Blackburn in his critique. “Even hardcore fans of the subgenre may find it difficult to track down vintage gems or reliable guidance when it comes to separating the good from the bad. Thankfully, we now have The Bigfoot Filmography, a monstrous tome that effectively navigates the treacherous terrain of sasquatch cinema.”

“For each entry, author David Coleman provides the year of release, cast list and a synopsis. For the more notable works, he offers an in-depth critique, along with interesting background notes about the production. The book also contains rare photos and an interesting essay on the history of ‘Cine du Sasquatch’ — as Coleman dubs it — covering the genre from its abominable beginning in 1912, with the silent film The Conquest of the Pole to the present slew of indies.”

“Coleman, who boasts a BFA in Filmic Writing from the University of Southern California, knows a thing or two about movies, and it shows. His appreciation for the subject matter also shines through as he digs amongst layers of filmdom to unearth many a forgotten relic of hominid horror. If Cine du Sasquatch was not previously recognized as a legitimate subgenre, it will be now, thanks to the serious approach taken here. This is not only the first academic treatment of the subgenre in book format, but it will undoubtedly stand as the ultimate Bigfoot Bible for years to come. Whether you’re a hardcore crypto fan or a student of genre filmography, this book will bring you one step closer to the mythic monster.”

The reviewer of my book knows a “thing or two” about cryptids himself. As the author of The Beast of Boggy Creek: The True Story of the Fouke Monster, Blackburn is a real-life crypto critter historian and researcher of the first order, documenting the history of both fictional and real world Fouke Monster sightings in his excellent book.

My thanks to Lyle and the editors of Rue Morgue for the exposure. Each issue of Rue Morgue is always a fun visual and editorial treat, and it’s great to be a part of the mixture in my own small way.