“David Coleman offers a comprehensive roundup of what he calls ‘Cine du Sasquatch’ in his excellent and entertaining new book The Bigfoot Filmography: Fictional and Documentary Appearances in Film and Television. Coleman takes no position on the existence of the beast; that’s not the point. Real or not, Bigfoot has captured the imagination of filmmakers and has earned a place in American popular culture. Bigfoot hunters may not be successful in bagging the beast, but Coleman has doggedly tracked down perhaps every Bigfoot appearance on celluloid, including big-studio films, indie efforts, shorts, television appearances, and even commercials.

The book, profusely illustrated with movie stills and poster art, is great for a quick dip or a page-by-page read. But it’s not just fur and fun. Coleman opens the book with a highly erudite twenty-seven-page essay he titles ‘Cine du Sasquatch as a Genre Convention.’ …

Coleman excels with the sheer amount of data he provides about these films. For each movie he provides a list of actors, a plot summary, and an often-meaty interpretive essay that gives information about the film’s background and its (possible) larger significance…

Coleman is good at uncovering the range of films within this genre… It’s clear Coleman has a fondness for Bigfoot flicks, but as a screenwriter he more importantly understands the power of the movies — or, more to the point, the power of stories. We can, and do, tell each other lots of stories. Why do we keep telling this one about the big, hairy man-ape in the woods?”

~ Rob Boston, Skeptical Inquirer, May/June 2012 Issue

* * * * *

“There are numerous filmographies on cinematic creatures that go bump in the night… All worth reading, I might add, but only so may times can one explore the particulars of the vampire or zombie genre before covering the same old ground. It’s unfortunate that one of the biggest mon-stars is so often overlooked. Yes, we’re talking about the hairy lug himself, Bigfoot. Despite his hundreds of appearances in film and television, the elusive cryptid never gets his due — until now, that is.

Thanks to David Coleman’s The Bigfoot Filmography, fans of the genre finally have an indispensable tome of information at their fingertips chronicling every screen appearance of the Sasquatch. Coleman should be applauded for the sheer amount of research that went into this book — the sheer volume of content packed between covers is nothing short of staggering — no stone is left unturned in an effort to uncover even the most obscure Bigfoot appearance.

The Bigfoot Filmography is the first and, to my knowledge, only source to ever credit the various Bigfoot films as a legitimate genre — which Coleman has affectionately dubbed, ‘Cine du Sasquatch.’ Even the most jaded followers of Bigfoot’s on-screen exploits… will find much to enjoy here.

In short, it’s not possible to find a single negative aspect about The Bigfoot Filmography. Thus far, this is the best book of 2012. Not only is it a fun read, but it’s one that you’ll find yourself returning to again and again. Highly recommended!”

 ~ Andrew Parietti, Shadowland Magazine #4

* * * * *

“Even hardcore fans of the subgenre may find it difficult to track down vintage gems or reliable guidance when it comes to separating the good from the bad. Thankfully, we now have The Bigfoot Filmography, a monstrous tome that effectively navigates the treacherous terrain of sasquatch cinema.

Coleman, who boasts a BFA in Filmic Writing from the University of Southern California, knows a thing or two about movies, and it shows. His appreciation for the subject matter also shines through as he digs amongst the layers of filmdom to unearth many a forgotten relic of hominid horror. If Cine du Sasquatch was not previously recognized as a legitimate subgenre, it will be now, thanks to the serious approach taken here. This is not only the first academic treatment of the subgenre in book format, but it will undoubtedly stand as the ultimate Bigfoot Bible for years to come. Whether or not you’re a hardcore crypto fan or a student of genre filmography, this book will bring you one step closer to the mythic monster.”

~ Lyle Blackburn, Rue Morgue # 122

 * * * * *

(5 Stars)… Just how serious can one be about Bigfoot? It turns out, you can love, enjoy and understand a great deal about the mythic cryptid without ever having to leave your living room by diving into this wonderful book!

Bigfoot, Sasquatch or the Abominable Snowman has been a background noise in our lives, a constant presence in the wandering minds of filmmakers, a funhouse mirror of how we see our lost nature. Have we

civilized our wild, destructive instincts? Meet one school of cinematic Bigfoots! Have we lost our trust and innocence? Bigfoot can The Bigfoot Filmography by David Colemanshow us the way back! And then there are the hoaxes, purported documentary footage that inspire some sense of wonder that the fauna of the world has not yet been catalogued, that a wild, missing link might still be left!

Author David Colemen leaves no log unturned as wanders from the forests of the pacific northwest to the sound stages of film studios made to look like the slopes of the Himalayas. They are all here — every Bigfoot sighting on the silver screen. Coleman weaves a tale far more interesting than any breathless hunters claiming to have ‘treed a bitch Sasquatch.’ He takes us down a road of popular culture that is filled with in-depth information and fascinating observations.

You don’t have to give a hoot about Bigfoot on film to enjoy this book. Unlike virtually ever Bigfoot story you will ever hear or read, Coleman has pulled off a neat trick — in this book, everything you will read is true.”

~ John Cork, author of James Bond: The Legacy and James Bond Encyclopedia

* * * * *

“This is best film book I’ve picked up since Nightmare USA.”

~ AV Maniacs

* * * * *

(5 Stars)… It becomes clear the author has left no stone unturned… an original reference work… the serious student of the subject should eventually aquire this important The Bigfoot Filmographycontribution to Bigfooting, as it is presently peerless… a monster-sized and thorough undertaking on Bigfoot and related movies.

Coleman’s The Bigfoot Filmography can lead to a lot of argument, no doubt… his book is the first ever reference guide that addresses a ‘secret cinema’ genre… very sharp reproduction of the pictures.

The films in are so exhaustively researched in The Bigfoot Filmogrpahy, the detail so insightful, one can only give this book two thumbs up.”

~ Daniel Perez, editor of The Bigfoot Times and author of Bigfoot At Bluff Creek.

* * * * *

“All I can say about this book is how freaking great it is. It has me on a Bigfoot movie roll that I cannot escape…  I love this book so much and continuously have a lot of fun flipping through it hunting for new Bigfoot movies to find.  So that I can continue my Bigfoot movie-a-thon of hairy gloom and glee!

I have even found elusive Bigfoot movies I have never even heard of or thought to look for in this book and continously find something new and fun to seek out.  Some of the stuff is so elusive you have to hunt it down online like a Bigfoot researcher yourself just to find…  If you are a Bigfoot admirer and researcher then this is the book for you because it has an elusive history in it of how the world’s entertainment has followed Bigfoot from the get go.

[Coleman] has done a great job and I highly recommend this book for any Bigfoot fanatic.  Definitely a must have and you can find some precious big-footed gems within its confines and belongs in every library.”

~ Jeffery Pritchett, Paranormal Examiner, and radio host of The Church of Mabus.

* * * * *

“Well, if I have to live in partial-paralysis with this cold, thankfully the mail brought me my copy of David Coleman’s incredible, definitive The Bigfoot Filmography… This book is fucking great. I mean, great!!!”

~ Stephen Bissette, Graphic artist for DC’s Swamp Thing with writer Alan Moore

* * * * *

  (5 Stars)… A fantastic Sasquatch-sized guide that covers the film and TV history of the famous cryptid critter. Exhaustively researched and enhanced with tons of photos, this book is a must-have for Bigfoot aficionados… No matter how big of a Sasquatch TV and movie buff you are, you’ll learn about Bigfoot and Yeti projects you never knew existed, and some that have even become lost to the mists of time, film vaults, and deteriorating celluloid…  It’s a fascinating read on a genre with a cult following that seems to grow larger every year. Highly recommended, and a worthy addition to anyone’s film and crypto libraries.”

~ Sean F. Whitley, director of Southern Fried Bigfoot

* * * * *

“This must clearly be regarded now as the most significant book ever authored on the genre of Bigfoot/Sasquatch and Abominable Snowmen/Yeti films! This takes us far beyond Snowbeast and Harry and the Hendersons into the great archives of motion pictures and documentaries known and nearly unknown on hairy hominoids.”

~ Loren Coleman, author of Bigfoot!:  The True Story of Apes in America, Cryptozoology A to Z and Mysterious America.

* * * * *

“Now that holidays are over, it’s time to start thinking about what we might get for some of our Dread Central staffers for Christmas 2012, and thanks to the McFarland publishing company, we have already crossed Foy off our list. Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on David Coleman’s The Bigfoot Filmography… Sounds pretty cool, right? We say it’s about damn time the Yeti got his due!”

~ Dread Central, “McFarland Unleashes The Bigfoot Filmography

* * * * *

“Bigfoot can add one more feather to his pimp hat. With the release of The Bigfoot Filmography [McFarland], an exhaustive 344 page turning compendium of every fictional and documentary appearances of the Hairy One in film and television (or ‘TV’), the total amount of books on the subject of Sasquatch now breaches 200. Only Dracula and arguably Flipper, the talking/spraying dolphin, are even in the lobby of such lofty stats.

And why not? In cryptid terms, Bigfoot is a rock star. One might even call him the Mick Jagger of Monsters. Author David Coleman, whose written a billion scripts for every Hollywood studio worth mentioning, knows this… front of the line.”

~ Jeff Gilbert, Drinkin’ & Drive-In, “The History of Bigfoot

* * * * *

“Awesome book… any and everything you ever wanted to know about Bigfoot related to cinema!”

~ Chris Witherspoon, Director of Rage

* * * * *

“Check out this cool new Bigfoot flick book.”

~ Johnny Thunder, Johnny Thunder’s Midnight Spook Frolic


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