Today Only 20% Off TBF!

McFarland is offering a Today Only (no joke!) 20% off on The Bigfoot Filmography as their Daily Deal! So if you order before midnight, you can save a bigfoot-load of cash and enjoy a fun read, even if, alas, my publisher is refusing to include a set of Ginzu knives as an added incentive for you to act now.

So, indeed, act now, because supplies are limited. As in, limited to how many you can order and give out in the coming days as gifts to friends, family, loved ones, total strangers and others before your arms tire from each tome’s massive poundage (we’re talking pounds per book herein of well-researched analysis, folks, not mere ounces as some measly reference guides allot!). As every critical reader knows, the weight of a book is what should properly be judged in lieu of the cover. 😉

Click the below link to order today only (seriously) for 20% off list price. And enjoy!

20% Off Daily Deal @ McFarland for The Bigfoot Filmography


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