Skeptical Inquirer Believes in TBF!

The renowned Skeptical Inquirer featured a page+ feature review of The Bigfoot Filmography in the May/June 2012 issue, now available on newsstands nationwide.

Reviewer Rob Boston said of the book:  “Excellent and entertaining… Coleman has doggedly tracked down perhaps every Bigfoot appearance on celluloid, including big-studio films, indie efforts, shorts, television appearances, and even commercials.

But it’s not just fur and fun. Coleman opens the book with a highly erudite twenty-seven-page essay he titles ‘Cine du Sasquatch as a Genre Convention.’ … It’s clear Coleman has a fondness for Bigfoot flicks, but as a screenwriter he more importantly understands the power of the movies — or, more to the point, the power of stories. We can, and do, tell each other lots of stories.”

You can read more of their in-depth critique by clicking here. My thanks to the editors of Skeptical Inquirer for their enthusiastic review. It is very humbling that so many in both the believer and skeptical camps of Bigfoot have found something to enjoy in The Bigfoot Filmography.


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