Author Appearance at Museum of the Weird

David Coleman at 'Cryptomundo Night at the Museum' held at Museum of the Weird.

David Coleman at ‘Cryptomundo Night at the Museum’ held at Museum of the Weird.

Dave Coleman, author of The Bigfoot Filmography, was on hand to present a multimedia lecture about the history of Sasquatch cinema at a recent “Cryptomundo Night at the Museum” in Austin, Texas.

The event was held at the fabled Museum of the Weird on colorful 6th Street and featured Coleman as well as other writers such as Lyle Blackburn, Ken Gerhard and Nick Redfern, all of whom have written extensively about Bigfoot and or related Fortean phenomena.

After the writers presented their various lectures, the audience was treated to a screening of Creature from Black Lake, a classic Bigfoot scare film from the 1970s.


Author Appearance on CBS Sunday Morning

The Bigfoot Filmography author David Coleman recently appeared on the CBS Sunday Morning show. In a segment “Cryptozoology” devoted to its namesake, host Serena Altschul interviewed numerous cryptozoologists and cryptid cinema fans. The latter included Coleman talking about Charles B. Pierce’s legendary The Legend of Boggy Creek (1972), a touchstone movie in the 1970s era of Bigfoot cinema, and his book The Bigfoot Filmography was prominently featured, as well.

Author David Coleman discusses cryptid cinema on ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ show in a segment called “Cryptozoology.”

To view the segment in HD streaming video, click here.

Author David Coleman, seated, with his wife Laura, at the first-annaul Cryptopalooza crytpid cinema festival in Jefferson, Texas.

Some of this piece was shot at the first-annual Cryptopalooza in Jefferson, Texas, and features Loren Coleman, Lyle Blackburn, Ken Gerhard, David Coleman and others.

Rue Morgue Reviews ‘The Bigfoot Filmography’

The prestigious horror genre magazine Rue Morgue and writer Lyle Blackburn reviewed my book The Bigfoot Filmography in their Dark Shadows-themed issue #122.

“The squatchploitation genre often exists in a shadowy realm of low-budget cinematography and undocumented evidence,” writes Blackburn in his critique. “Even hardcore fans of the subgenre may find it difficult to track down vintage gems or reliable guidance when it comes to separating the good from the bad. Thankfully, we now have The Bigfoot Filmography, a monstrous tome that effectively navigates the treacherous terrain of sasquatch cinema.”

“For each entry, author David Coleman provides the year of release, cast list and a synopsis. For the more notable works, he offers an in-depth critique, along with interesting background notes about the production. The book also contains rare photos and an interesting essay on the history of ‘Cine du Sasquatch’ — as Coleman dubs it — covering the genre from its abominable beginning in 1912, with the silent film The Conquest of the Pole to the present slew of indies.”

“Coleman, who boasts a BFA in Filmic Writing from the University of Southern California, knows a thing or two about movies, and it shows. His appreciation for the subject matter also shines through as he digs amongst layers of filmdom to unearth many a forgotten relic of hominid horror. If Cine du Sasquatch was not previously recognized as a legitimate subgenre, it will be now, thanks to the serious approach taken here. This is not only the first academic treatment of the subgenre in book format, but it will undoubtedly stand as the ultimate Bigfoot Bible for years to come. Whether you’re a hardcore crypto fan or a student of genre filmography, this book will bring you one step closer to the mythic monster.”

The reviewer of my book knows a “thing or two” about cryptids himself. As the author of The Beast of Boggy Creek: The True Story of the Fouke Monster, Blackburn is a real-life crypto critter historian and researcher of the first order, documenting the history of both fictional and real world Fouke Monster sightings in his excellent book.

My thanks to Lyle and the editors of Rue Morgue for the exposure. Each issue of Rue Morgue is always a fun visual and editorial treat, and it’s great to be a part of the mixture in my own small way.

TBF Author on Radio Show ‘The Projection Booth’

The Bigfoot Filmography author David Coleman is interviewed while squatching in the deep Michigan woods by co-hosts of the film radio show The Projection Booth Mike White and Robert St. Mary.

The focus is mainly on the Charles Pierce seminal skunk ape neo-classic The Legend of Boggy Creek. Made in 1972 for a marginal investment and successfully, independently released by Pierce to the original gross of over $22 million in 1970s dollars (when average ticket prices for this were probably only $1 or slightly higher, if not occasionally less, given the large number of children purchasing admission at reduced rates).

Pierce’s movie changed the way the American viewing public responded to Bigfoot movies thereafter. Realism and rustic rural encounters were the perhaps inevitable backwoods backlash against a foreign hominid crouched high atop the Himalayan peaks many thousands of miles away, both geographically and culturally. Pierce’s The Legend of Boggy Creek transformed the genre of Cine du Sasquatch by infusing it with a Huck Finn character in the persona of one Travis Crabtree, the backwater bayou boy wonder at once at peace in nature and respectful of its unpredictable fury (as in, a growling, three-toed swamp Sasquatch staring you down as you round a dark bend in the river).

If you want to spend some time fighting off mosquitoes but learning about Sasquatch in the movies, then by all means, grab your Deep Woods Off (forget anything without Deet, alas), and join us by the virtually flickering campfire on  a rare non-studio remote outing of The Projection Booth.

Click here to visit The Projection Booth and listen to ‘The Legend of Boggy Creek’ radio show.

Today Only 20% Off TBF!

McFarland is offering a Today Only (no joke!) 20% off on The Bigfoot Filmography as their Daily Deal! So if you order before midnight, you can save a bigfoot-load of cash and enjoy a fun read, even if, alas, my publisher is refusing to include a set of Ginzu knives as an added incentive for you to act now.

So, indeed, act now, because supplies are limited. As in, limited to how many you can order and give out in the coming days as gifts to friends, family, loved ones, total strangers and others before your arms tire from each tome’s massive poundage (we’re talking pounds per book herein of well-researched analysis, folks, not mere ounces as some measly reference guides allot!). As every critical reader knows, the weight of a book is what should properly be judged in lieu of the cover. 😉

Click the below link to order today only (seriously) for 20% off list price. And enjoy!

20% Off Daily Deal @ McFarland for The Bigfoot Filmography

Skeptical Inquirer Believes in TBF!

The renowned Skeptical Inquirer featured a page+ feature review of The Bigfoot Filmography in the May/June 2012 issue, now available on newsstands nationwide.

Reviewer Rob Boston said of the book:  “Excellent and entertaining… Coleman has doggedly tracked down perhaps every Bigfoot appearance on celluloid, including big-studio films, indie efforts, shorts, television appearances, and even commercials.

But it’s not just fur and fun. Coleman opens the book with a highly erudite twenty-seven-page essay he titles ‘Cine du Sasquatch as a Genre Convention.’ … It’s clear Coleman has a fondness for Bigfoot flicks, but as a screenwriter he more importantly understands the power of the movies — or, more to the point, the power of stories. We can, and do, tell each other lots of stories.”

You can read more of their in-depth critique by clicking here. My thanks to the editors of Skeptical Inquirer for their enthusiastic review. It is very humbling that so many in both the believer and skeptical camps of Bigfoot have found something to enjoy in The Bigfoot Filmography.

TBF Author on ‘Church of Mabus’ Radio Show

Join The Bigfoot Filmography author David Coleman this Saturday night, April 28, 2012, from 11 pm ’til 2 am Eastern on the popular Fortean radio show The Church of Mabus. Host Jeffery Pritchett and Coleman will discuss all topics re: Bigfoot in films and t.v., including of course the latest cinema offerings as well as the classics of Cine du Sasquatch such as The Legend of Boggy Creek and others.

You can listen live by clicking the below link anytime on Saturday night before or during the show’s 11 pm to 2 am time span:

Click HERE to Listen LIVE to ‘The Church of Mabus’

Or, if you miss the show, you can check out the podcast downloadable version usually within a few days max from the Paranormal Radio Network website:

Click HERE to Download the Podcast of ‘The Church of Mabus’ Post-Show Date

If you’re into Sasquatch, Sasquatch movies or related cryptid phenomena, be sure to listen for some in-depth discussion about the growing popularity of Bigfoot in all forms of media.

Author Dave Coleman on ‘Beyond The Edge’ Radio

You can hear author of The Bigfoot Filmography Dave Coleman on his recent appearance on the popular Fortean-themed radio show Beyond The Edge. Coleman appeared on the show as co-hosts Eric Altman and Lon Strickler asked questions and discussed the wide range of Bigfoot films and t.v. shows that have influenced real-life cryptozoologists, and vice versa.

It was such a fun time that the genial Eric and Lon invited Coleman to appear again on June 3, 2012. But in the meantime, if you wish to sit in with the trio and callers who asked questions while the show was live, you can download the podcast of the show from the below link.

Beyond The Edge podcast of Dave Coleman Appearance

Check back herein to updates as to future appearances by the author.

The Bigfoot Filmography Now Available!

The Bigfoot Filmography by David Coleman, Cover Detail

The Bigfoot Filmography (ISBN-10: 0786448288) from McFarland Publishers is now available from your favorite booksellers, online and retail. Have it delivered by Amazon, Barnes & Noble, McFarland, or support your local indie bookstore and have them special order it for you (it won’t cost you a dime and they’ll be glad to help!).

The “Sasquatch” film genre, devoted to the legendary and notoriously elusive creature also known as Bigfoot, and its Himalayan counterpart, the Yeti, is the Cover Image for "The Bigfoot Filmography" by David Colemanfocus of this illustrated reference guide. Here is a fascinatingly detailed look at the cinematic history of Sasquatch, from the earliest trick films of Georges Melies to the most up-to-date CGI efforts.

Critical insights regarding the genre’s development are offered, along with an exhaustively researched filmography that includes every known film or television appearance of Sasquatch, Bigfoot and Yeti in both fictitious and documentary formats.

Included are in-depth interviews with such filmmakers as Kevin Tenney, Adam Muto, Ryan Schifrin, Tim Skousen and Michael Worth, as well as reproductions of rare movie stills, posters, lobby cards and behind-the-scenes production photos.

Renowned cryptozoologist Loren Coleman provides an insightful foreword to the text.


“It becomes clear the author has left no stone unturned. The detailed, meticulous nature of the author… has produced a winner with an original reference work… the serious student of the subject should eventually aquire this important contribution to Bigfooting, as it is presently peerless… The films in this work is so exhaustively researched in The Bigfoot Filmography, the detail so insightful, one can only give this book two thumbs up.”

— Daniel Perez, editor of The Bigfoot Times and author of Bigfoot At Bluff Creek.

“Bigfoot can add one more feather to his pimp hat. With the release of The Bigfoot Filmography, an exhaustive 344 page turning compendium of every fictional and documentary appearances of the Hairy One in film and television (or “TV”), the total amount of books on the subject of Sasquatch now breaches 200. Only Dracula and arguably Flipper, the talking and spraying dolphin, are even in the lobby of such lofty stats.”

~ Jeff Gilbert, Drinkin’ Drive-In, “The History of Bigfoot”

“This must clearly be regarded now as the most significant book ever authored on the genre of Bigfoot/Sasquatch and Abominable Snowmen/Yeti films! This takes us far beyond Snowbeast and Harry and the Hendersons into the great archives of motion pictures and documentaries known and nearly unknown on hairy hominoids.”

— Loren Coleman, CryptomundoYeti from Dr. Who. From "The Bigfoot Filmography" by David Coleman.

“[The Bigfoot Filmography] is what we might get for some of our Dread Central staffers for Christmas 2012… pretty cool, right? We say it’s about damn time the Yeti got his due!”

~ Dread Central, “McFarland Unleashes The Bigfoot Filmography”

The Bigfoot Filmography. 344 Pages, 10.8 x 8.4 in. Premium paper stock with superior photo reproductions. Over 200 rare photos, posters and other images.